Boom! Models & Talent
2325 Third St. #223                                                                                    Height: 5’9
San Francisco, CA  94107                                                                          Weight: 175
(415) 626-6591                                                                                           Hair: Brown                                                                                      Eyes:Brown 


Film/Television				Role				      Production Co./Director                                               

Steve Jobs                                             Mike Markkula                              Danny Boyle/Universal
EmVerse                                               Supporting                                     Vlad Korishev - AAU/Student AA nominee  
Standing Up                                          Principal                                        Albert Farre      
Decomposing Wayne                           Prncipal                                         Matt West - AAU
Thank You, Goodnight                        Principal                                        Karen Abad
The Codicil                                          Principal                                        Jeff King - 24Hr Film Project
Untitled Fate Project	                 Principal      			     Kyle McCain - SFSU                                           
Sellers Remorse			      Supporting			     Dag Shapshak
Fat Floats on Top	         		      Supporting	                           Gerald Gutschmidt
Coin by Sides			      Supporting		    	     Bhajat A. Prods.
Flipside			                 Supporting			     At Liberty Prods.
Mama’s Portrait		                 Supporting	                           Matt Bamberg/Production
Play			    Role		        Director			     Producer              

Arousal & The Lover    Clifford/Richard  Chloe Bronzan                                   Virago Theatre - SF/LA
Angels in America        Joe                        Laura Lundy-Paine                            Theatre Shark                   
The Pickup (Fringe)     Justin                     Mike Pulizzano                                  GuyWriters
Going Down (Fringe)   Man #1                 Donald Currie                                     GuyWriters
Hot Summer Nights     Multiple                Laura Lundy-Paine                             Rhino/Grooviness Prod.
(staged reading)
Shades of Gray            Dorian                   Donald Currie                                     Theatre Shark
The Maids		    Claire		Randel Hart			                 Sanabria Prods.
Blasted			    Ian		            Susanna Davies-Crook	                 Nineteen-Twentynine
ShortLived		    Sam		            Rob Ready			                 PianoFight
Anatomy		    Simon		Laura Lundy-Paine	                             Jasper Prod.
Eavesdropper		    Quinton	            Andrew Libby	                                         C.A.F.E./PianoFight - SF/LA
Fourth & Goal		    Vince		Meredith Friedman	                             Three Wise Monkeys
Just Desserts		    Merc		Frank Gigliotti	        	                             48th Ave. Prods.
Strange Lands		    Andrew	            Jeffrey Hartgraves		                 Three Wise Monkeys
Arsenic & Old Lace	    Mortimer	            Bernadette Fife		                 Pacifica Spindrift
Dial M for Murder	    Tony		Jennifer Gauthier		                 Pacifica Spindrift
End of the World Party   Chip		Ed Decker			                 New Conservatory
The Star		    Jed	                        Matthew Martin		                 Artful Circle
Ten Little Indians	    Lombard	            Andy Hammer			                 New Fillmore
For the Sake of God	    Rexx		John Lamas			                 (almost) Live! Prod.

COMMERCIALS (list avail. on request)

                                                        Special Training

The Meisner Technique School of Acting, Jim Jarrett
Improv Intensive, Barbara Scott, SFDFS
Advanced Film Acting, Hester Schell, SFDFS
First Take, Film/TV Acting, Nancy Berwid
Bay Area Theatresprts-Improv I, II
Advanced Voice-Over Training, Susan McCollom, Peggy Roberts Hope, Tom McGraw
Acting Workshop/Advanced, Scene Study, Kay Amartico, Amy Freed
Theatre Arts 10B, Ann Fajilan, CCSF
Academy Dance Company, Boston, MA., Diane Cisco
Weist-Barron School of Television, Boston, MA  Herb Mandell

                                                        Special Skills

Voice-over, Dance: Jazz & Carribbean; singing; Print & Runway modeling, (portfolio avail.on request), computer literate, bicycling, running, weight lifting, sports, cooking, minister, card player, gambler, CPR training, Detective, Expert Poker Player